The Types of Slots and Their Difference

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More and more people visit online gambling houses to have fun, relax, socialize with other casino fans, and even win some money if they are lucky. Most newbies start from slots, however, it should be noted that this type of games is one of the most popular after card games. In fact, slots appeared in land-based casinos immediately after card games; there were mechanical machines at first, and when electricity became more affordable, electric machines were invented.

Since that time, slots are the second most favorite game statistically, and actually the most preferred type of games among newbies. Today, there are many reasons why. Firstly, the rules are really simple, and the user does not have to acquire any complicated skills or specific knowledge. Secondly, the design and themes are so various that it is even hard to imagine the scope. There are even slots dedicated to movies or series, to different cultures like Egypt or China. Thirdly, many websites offer demo modes, so the user can even play without making any deposits.

So, due to the huge number of variations, there are different types of slots, and you have to know what are the distinctions between them. Check out the list of the most widespread types you can enjoy:

  • Three Reel Classic Slots. This is the very first variation that was invented, became known and loved by so many gamblers around the world already in land-based gambling houses. Today, they are also popular. In this game, the user spins the wheel and the win depends on the combination of symbols that are featured with every stop.
  • Four and more reel. These are modern variations, and many users enjoy those, because they offer more outcomes and additional features depending on the combination, like a change of design, a free spins bonus, and other options.
  • Progressive jackpots – while in a classic machine, the user can only hit a jackpot accumulated with time in this particular machine, in progressive jackpots, machines are connected across platforms, and each user playing each machine increases the general chances of every other user to hit the jackpot, accumulated across all these interconnected machines! This is usually huge money, and the chance is really higher for success.
  • Video and 3D Slots – these differ only in design because the mechanism behind the game is generally the same as in the classic variant, maybe the number of reels differs. Due to current technologies, such games feature different plots, videos, additional animation, etc., but there is no functional difference there.
  • Tournaments – this is not a separate type of machine, however, this should be discussed apart. Tournaments, overall, work as a progressive jackpot, but within a limited number of particular machines and within a particular period of time. The winners usually win really big money.

These are the main types of one of the most loved and famous entertainment in online casinos that you can enjoy even if you are a total newbie. You can quickly learn the rules, and even play to win decent money!

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